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Michael Mariant
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De-Mystifying DSLR Video with Michael A. Mariant & Aaron Lambert
Presented on May 31, 2012 at the Bay Area Photography and Exploration Society meeting.

Utilize your DSLR camera to capture cinematography-style HD video trough this introductory primer lecture, designed for those who want to explore, learn and become competent in shooting HD video with their DSLR camera.

Michael Mariant and Aaron Lambert are members of the board of directors for High Sierra Workshops, as well as instructors for several of the company's workshops, including location outings in Yosemite, Death Valley, Big Sur and the Eastern Sierra, as well as teaching the Timelapse Photography and DSLR-Video workshops.

Both Michael and Aaron come from the visual journalism field, parlaying their media experience into educational opportunities for workshop participants.

While it is impossible to get anyone firmly situated to shoot video on the DSLR camera with only one hour of presentation time, Michael and Aaron are going to give you a very intensive primer to help you at least hit the ground running.

The recording is split into three
parts for ease of viewing.
This is a live recording of the event in the
poor lighting conditions, so please excuse the recording quality.

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