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Added By: Studio34
I saw this beautiful sky while coming home after work. Fetched my camera and tripod and took this picture. Photo is not enhanced lot. This is exactly how it looked.
Added By: RajGarud
Enter photo description here...
Added By: MarcyZimmerman
Enter photo description here...
Added By: MarcyZimmerman
Luna Rossa foiling downwind at the Louis Vuitton challenger series. Note how flat the image is. Need tips on exposure for foggy days
Added By: MarcyZimmerman
Qazideh, Afghanistan
Dalton Chan
Added By: DaltonChan
Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey
Added By: CJ Glynn
One of the oldest tree on the earth, sun is your fruit and cloud is your leaf
Added By: HaoChen
Morning@ Mono lake south tufa
Added By: RaviKulkarni
Added By: Mateo
Edwin Hacking,"The Stare"
Added By: EdwinHacking
Added By: SBerzin
Some compression on this photo -- wanted to join the critique last minute and did not have original available.
Added By: LaurenColeman
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